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AC Distributor - Hespeler Village, ON

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Fortress Group specializes in the distribution of air conditioners and other HVAC related equipment and parts for contractors throughout Hespeler Village and surrounding areas. The diverse portfolio of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products we stock consists of air conditioners, evaporator coils, furnaces, mini-split systems, rooftop units, tube heaters, unit heaters and more. We can guarantee that our products will reach you accurately and on-time, every time. Our service areas include: White Oaks, Westmount, Waterloo, Cambridge, Hespeler Village, Kitchener and Huron Park. We can help you easily adapt and capitalize on changing market trends in the HVAC industry.

Our team has a wealth of expertise and experience in the trades which make us highly knowledgeable about our products, to better serve you, our client. Fortress Group continues to commit itself to the highest standard of operational excellence. Through a combination of careful strategy, precise execution and devotion to the customer experience, we'll help you fine-tune your logistics and keep you abreast of current industry trends to help you grow your company. Contact us today for further details.

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